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Pet Health Insurance

The veterinarians and staff at West Hills North Veterinary Clinic strongly recommend considering all options regarding pet insurance for your pet. All of us want the best in veterinary care for our pets, but sometimes medical bills can be expensive. Veterinary insurance plans can be helpful in reducing the burden of costs. Veterinary health insurance plans function similarly to human health insurance policies in that the policy holder pays a small amount of money monthly (the monthly premium) for coverage, and the agency provides reimbursement for the claims filed. An important difference to understand is that veterinary health insurance companies reimburse their clients after submitting a paid bill (receipt) along with a claim form. This does not eliminate the need to pay the veterinary bill but does allow to be reimbursed for portions of the medical expenses depending on the type of veterinary health insurance.

We encourage you to explore your options and decide if pet insurance is right for you and your pet. It is beneficial to choose a policy early in your pet’s life. Note that plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Having pet insurance can help financially prepare you for the unexpected throughout your pet’s life. You can learn more about your pet insurance options at Pet Insurance Review.